Lure Fishing For Perch, Church, Family Reunion (1022)

With a busy day ahead, I got up early on Sunday morning for a quick session on the Staffs/Worcs Canal. When time is limited, lure fishing comes into its own. Minimal gear to carry and within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge you are fishing.

A small lure and jig head are ideal in the current conditions. With the water temperature still being low, it’s often as much about provoking the predator as it is about feeding them.

Tackle used: Fox Rage Ultron dropshotting rod. Fox Rage Ultron 2500 reel. Sunline Super Braid 10lb mainline. Fox Rage Illusion 10lb 3oz. 1 inch Berkley minnow. Fox Rage micro jig head 1g, size 6 hook.

Then it was off to Tipton Family Church for the Sunday morning service, followed by a family reunion at our house. My daughters left home several years ago and it’s always great when we get together again.

They live at opposite ends of Staffordshire so we don’t always have opportunity to connect. When we do though, it’s always a lovely day.