A Compliment From An English Premier League Side And An Invitation To The FA Ireland (1017)

The following popped up on my Facebook memories yesterday. I must admit I had forgotten all about it, so it was a nice reminder.

This particular memory got me thinking though. You never know who is watching you, and I don’t mean that in a spooky way but rather a very positive one.


Take another experience from 2017 as an example. I was contacted by the FA Ireland who said that they had been following my media output at The New Saints FC and would I go to the headquarters in Dublin to speak to the top flight Ireland clubs.

I must confess that I thought it was a joke at first and someone was pulling a prank. It was only when I received confirmation of a hotel reservation and flight booking that I realised it was genuine.

I loved the trip to Ireland and was both thrilled and humbled that I had been contacted. The lead image was taken by the FAI photographer.

You never know who is watching on indeed. What you post on social media has the ability to either make or break you. Just because no-one comments, it doesn’t mean to say they haven’t read what you posted.

Keep it positive.