Whiting And Bass To End The Week At Tal-y-Bont (1012)

They say time flies when you’re having fun, well that was certainly the case with our holiday in the Barmouth area. Both my wife and I enjoyed ourselves very much and I managed to get a number of angling sessions in which was great.

Living as I do, pretty much in the centre of England, I have to sea fish when I can and vacation time is always an obvious opportunity to cast a line.


After having a very successful time on the beach at Tal-y-Bont I decided on the last but one day to try a spot in the harbour. I had immediate action every time the baits settled. Unfortunately though it wasn’t flounder activity but crabs. In the end my baits were gone in no time at all and I drove back home fish-less.


For the final session though it was back to the beach next to our caravan park. The fish equivalent of crabs, I had whiting every cast. This time though they count and I also landed them as opposed to most coming off on the retrieve, which is what usually happens when you connect with a crab.


I also managed one bass so I was happy with that. You can even see the lugworm still in its mouth in the photograph.

I really enjoyed my fishing sessions over the week and whatever I’m after and wherever the venue, I’m always happy when I’m water’s edge. It might be a tiny brook or the mighty ocean. It’s all fishing, it’s all good.