Uprooted But Still Alive – A Life Lesson From A Tree (1011)

While walking in the Barmouth area with my wife, we came across a tree that had been uprooted during recent storms. What was noticeable was that although the roots were detached from the ground, the leaves had continued to show as normal.

What a lesson that is for all of us. Even when we go through hard times don’t wilt, keep blossoming and flourishing. Don’t allow what’s happening around to affect us.

Of course, in time the tree will die but that’s not the point. We all die anyway if you want to put it like that, but let’s not die before our time.


Keep going, don’t give up. The storm pulled the tree from the ground but it keeps going. Do the same.

What was also noticeable was that the tree was supporting other life as plants were growing on it. Even in the hard times keep going and keep giving. Always seek to be a blessing, not only in times of emotional plenty but also drought.