More Bass And The Whiting Show This Time As Well (1010)

After nothing but bass on the three previous outings, although I still caught a number of the species this time round, the whiting put in an appearance. It’s a reminder that the seasons are turning with both summer and winter fish being caught at the same time.

Although air temperature has fallen considerably since the days of June, July and August, water always takes time to catch up. That’s why, although we are at the back end of October, the bass was my target going into the holiday.

In with the accompanying photographs below you can view the rigs ready to cast. I tie my own and was actually going to make a video of that during the course of the holiday. However, my camcorder died. Another time, eh.

As you can see from the image though, I fish with two snoods (hook-lengths) on each set up. I go for amnesia usually as the material, although sometimes will use mono. The hooks used were Aberdeen pattern size 1.

The rod and reel is also featured in another of the shots. I came across some relatively cheap telescopic rods complete with reels last year while also on holiday in the Barmouth area. I had a look at them in the shop, they seemed fine so I decided to buy them.

They’ve been great and have served me well, plus of course they have the big advantage that they fold down and can fit in the boot easily enough or in the case of holidays, don’t end up poking my wife in the head as my others do.

They’re SeaTech Outlaws and can comfortably cast a 5oz lead a decent distance. I’m not necessarily looking to hit 100 plus yards in a gale but then again that’s not always where the fish are. Plus, I have multipliers and standard rods if I want to do that.