The Bass Are Getting Bigger (1009)

I was hoping to take my camcorder on every session during my holiday at Tal-y-Bont. Unfortunately, after the second trip it decided to die on me. The main thing though is that I still went fishing, that’s what counts.

Plus, I was able to take photographs and of course publish a blog entry. It was just another short session on the beach and as per the others all I had was one pack of frozen lugworm.

Although I love fishing, my life’s tagline is ‘Passionate About Much, Obsessed About Nothing’, so there were plenty of other things I wanted to do while away. I must say though, my wife is great, she never puts any pressure on me at all regarding angling time.

With high tide later in the evening it was almost dark before I set up. Fishing two rods with two baited snoods on both, I gave myself plenty of opportunity in the hour that I fished.

I had a number of bass as the sea continued to be kind to me. There’s no need to cast to the horizon, especially at night with an incoming tide. A gentle lob to where the waves started to break was all that was needed.

I caught bigger fish this time than the two previous outings, which I managed to capture on video. The thing is, whether footage, stills or just memory the most important thing for me is that I went fishing.

I do enjoy producing blogs though so it’s never an issue as far as time in concerned. If you enjoy something it’s always a pleasure and never a burden.