A Life Lesson From A Trip To Dolgellau (1008)

I’ve driven past the town of Dolgellau many times but never paid it a visit. Until now that is. I really enjoyed the walk round as well.

The county town of Merionethshire (Meirionnydd in Welsh), which is one of the 13 traditional Welsh counties, Dolgellau has a population of 2,688 (2011 census).

Walking around the streets it is another world compared to the sprawl of urban living in England and parts of Wales.

You won’t find the very highly paid jobs that you will in the big cities. Geographically it’s out on a limb and is never going to compete with Birmingham, Manchester or London for wealth.

However, what you will find is quality of life. That’s what attracts me more than anything. My philosophy throughout most of my adult life has been that as long as I’ve got enough to get by, I’m happy.

I genuinely don’t care about money in the bank, living in a mansion or driving a symbol-status car. If I can pay the bills, live simply, have a roof over my head and drive a basic but reliable car, that will do me nicely.

Not one person on their deathbed ever said that they wished they had worked longer hours and gathered more possessions. Not one.

Don’t chase something that ultimately will never satisfy. Learn to appreciate the simple things in life. Be easily pleased. Happiness will never come through material things.

The more that we learn to live by that principle, the more fulfilled we will be.