Going On Holiday? Don’t Advertise An Empty House (1004)

I’ve just returned from a vacation in Wales with my wife. Having lived in the days before social media, and of course now embracing it fully myself, one thing I am very much aware of personally is not to give too much information away in the public domain.

I’m sure that most people don’t think about it but when you post in advance, or even while you’re there, that you’re going on holiday – or even for a day out – what you are doing in effect is broadcasting to the world that you have an empty house.

Since our girls got older and we have been taking more breaks, sometimes we have had house-sitters but other times not. In either situation, but especially so when it’s the latter, you have to be very careful what you post.

Even with people you trust, they can innocently let something slip in conversation with someone else. Before you know it, the fact that you are away for a week is known by people who will try and take advantage of that.

I know the temptation is there to post images of lounging by the pool, watching the sun set or whatever else you get up to on holiday. The desire to post action ‘as it happens’ is a strong one for many.

For me, it’s not an issue. As a keen blogger, I’ll play catch up when I’m back home as I am doing now with several sea fishing sessions in particular to write about. Although I do write about other things, angling is the main thrust of my blog.

Having said all that though we should never become paranoid. I take sensible precautions and then I go away and enjoy. I never think about my house while I’m on holiday. It’s just about being wise really and not advertising an empty house. That’s all.