A Blog Milestone. The Past, The Present And The Future And Some Tips On Blogging (1000)

With this being my 1,000th blog entry, and therefore a milestone of sorts, I thought I would look back over the years and also pass on some tips as far as blogging is concerned.

I began in July 2003 when I published my very first entry. The word ‘blog’ wasn’t in common usage back then, in fact many weren’t even on the internet.

When you wanted to establish contact with someone you would ask them if they had an email address. Now you just give them yours and they do likewise, there is an assumption we are connected.

I had done some writing, both regular and occasional, for various angling publications and I enjoyed that very much. I also wanted to write something of my own though in the context of an ongoing diary, following my fishing adventures.

Hence, I got some website space and Stewart Bloor’s Angling Journal entered the world. I published weekly for many years and that was always on a Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised at how popular the site became in a short period of time and I always remember the very first time someone recognised me and said they read my site every week.

In fact that became a regular pattern that has continued to this day. It happens a lot in the area where I live, as obviously anglers like to know what’s going on in their neck of the woods.

However, I’ve also been spotted in random places like a supermarket in Kinmel Bay, at Southampton’s football ground and walking across the bridge at Barmouth – just to name a few.

In fact the lead image is from Rhyl a few years back when I was fishing the estuary. A photographer who was out for the day getting some shots recognised me and asked if he could take some images. He said he would send them on, and he did, and that’s one of them.

Of course it’s nice to be recognised for what you do and in my case I never get puffed up or think I’m special. It’s just nice, that’s all. In an often hard, cold world it’s good to be encouraged.

It makes it all worthwhile when you aren’t writing for just yourself. A while back I started to write more regularly so there are now several blog entries during the course of the week.

I also widened the scope so included other subjects as well, not just angling. That has taken the viewing figures even higher to the point where I get three-figure views every day. Over the course of the week and the month that runs into thousands.

My blog is now pretty much following my own journey in life, hence the title. However, it’s not about self-indulgence. Through the course of my writings I also want to inspire and motivate others. That’s why I often include comments about making the most of life and that sort of thing.

The last 15 years of blogging have been great ones – and I still make sure I always post an entry on a Saturday to keep the tradition going – but I’m also enjoying the present. the future? Well, I do have a few ideas to expand the reach. If you run a business and feel a partnership of some sort could be beneficial then get in touch.

Some years ago I wrote a piece about tips for blogging that I posted again in 2012. The general gist is still relevant and hopefully useful. You can read it here.