Sea Fishing At Rhyl And Bringing Back The Memories (981)

With a Welsh League Cup game in Prestatyn on the evening, and everyone making their own way there as opposed to a team bus from Park Hall, I took full advantage of the situation by setting off a couple of hours earlier and taking in a sea session at Rhyl harbour.

Rhyl holds lots of memories for me, going back to family holidays in the sixties and early seventies. It’s also where I caught my first ever sea fish, a flounder in the estuary at low water. Stopping off at Geoff’s Tackle and Bait for some lugworm, and a chat with Darren, I then parked the car and made my way to the water’s edge as the tide was coming in.

I would have preferred a later high tide, a bigger one and not having to leave when I did. That’s the thing though with life, you have to fit in angling sessions when you can. The important thing is that as long as your bait’s in the water you have a chance.

You don’t count crabs but if you did then it was an extremely busy hour or so. As soon as the lead hit the deck, they were on the baits. As far as fish were concerned I had one definite bite that was followed some time later, on a separate cast, by a small eel.

That was another species that I also caught regularly during the family vacations when I was a child. My parents would be in the long since gone pub called The Schooner and I would be across the road fishing the estuary.

Even then I was passionate about my fishing, and as the other holiday-makers departed, I would still be there, making the most of the time I had. I’m still the same now all these years later; the flame has never gone out.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time fishing the Clwyd estuary and smelling of eel slime and lugworm I made my way along the coast to Bastion Gardens, the home of Prestatyn Town. I gave my hands a good scrub though as you do after a sea session and as I received no comments in the press box I think it did the trick.

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