JD Welsh Premier League Result Of The Week MD8 (977)

Some weeks it’s hard to pick a game that stands out. This time though, as we hit the one-quarter stage of the season, it’s an easy one.

Cardiff Metropolitan University FC’s 4-1 home win against the reigning champions, The New Saints, was not only an impressive result but also performance as well.

It’s easy to say that TNS didn’t turn up and were well below their usual form. While that may be true, you can’t take away from The Archers’ work rate and effort.

A thoroughly deserved victory and one that keeps The New Saints in second place. It’s an interesting season so far and long may that continue.


To keep up to date with the Welsh domestic football scene, check out the Welsh Premier League and Sgorio websites.

If you’re not a follower of the domestic game in Wales, and you live in the country, why not check out your local club. You may be surprised at what you find.

Likewise, if ever you are on holiday, check out the fixtures and take in a game. One thing is guaranteed, in a day and age where people complain about the cost of football, a visit to a JD Welsh Premier League game will most definitely not break the bank.