It’s A Fine Line Between Success And Failure (962)

On the training ground with the champions of Wales, doing videos and photographs, followed by a number of interviews. Not a bad way to kick off the working week. There are far worse things you could be doing on a Monday morning.

With some fishing tackle in the car, straight from the TNS FC office, I headed for a big pit. While the evenings are still light I intend to make the most of the opportunity of some after-work fishing when I can.

In addition, while the water temperature is still good, some late tench fishing is always worth considering. Even though we are in September the conditions are still favourable for what most anglers consider to be a summer species.

I fished a Fox barbel rod and Okuma reel. Main line was 8lb Sufix Synergy tied to two feet of 6lb Maxima Chameleon. A 20g cage feeder and a small shot and Korda shok bead along with a size 14 Drennan Super Specialist micro barbed hook completed the set-up. As I often say, all very simple but it works.

I fished double red maggot and filled the cage feeder with brown crumb and red maggots. As well as the cage feeder I also threw out several balls of bait by hand. I fished five lengths out at the edge of the drop-off.

I had just the one fish and as you can see it was pretty decent. I didn’t have my scales with me but that was ok as it wasn’t anywhere near a personal best. One bite and one fish, it’s a fine line between ‘success’ and ‘failure’ as far as specimen angling is concerned.

I put ‘success’ and ‘failure’ as I do because ultimately it’s about enjoyment. You won’t always catch but as long as you get something from the session that’s the important thing. Like tonight, I saw two common sandpipers when I arrived. If I went away with a blank I would still have been happy. It’s just that I was happier having caught something decent.

It’s back to football again in the morning, this time I’m off to Wolverhampton Wanderers for a behind-closed-doors friendly. It goes without saying I’m looking forward to it very much indeed. Football and fishing, not a bad life is it?

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