Perch And Roach From A Shropshire Pit (958)

I’m enjoying my canal fishing very much but I also want to fish different venues as well. Taking my gear with me to work, I made a detour on the way home to fish a big pit for a few hours up to dark.

I have done many sessions on there over the years and for a variety of species. I have had some nice perch and that was my target this time round. The first fish out, although just a small one, was a perch. I ended up catching another later on, slightly larger but still not needing a landing net.

I banked a few roach though, again not big but certainly much more substantial than the ones that I catch from the Montgomery Canal. The pit is very deep and so a cage feeder was the chosen approach.

Mainline: 8lb Sufix Synergy. Hooklength (loop-to-loop knot): Maxima 6lb. Bead: Korda shok bead. Hooklength: Created by a size 6 shot. Hook: Drennan Super Specialist size 14 micro barbed.

Cage feeder mix: Brown crumb and live/dead red maggots. Hook bait: 2 red maggots.

The venue in question is a no-publicity water but then again, it’s probably best to stay the right side of the caution line as far as broadcasting where you fish is concerned anyway, for obvious reasons.

On my blog site alone, which you’re reading right now of course, I get views into the hundreds each day. Then I have all my other social media platforms. Shying away from giving out too much information as far as location is concerned is common sense.

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