Two Chunks Of Football Bread With A Thin Slice Of Fishing In the Middle (943)

Monday morning for many is the lowest point of the week. Much of that is in the mind, it’s how we approach things, but nevertheless, heading to Park Hall to spend time with the champions of Wales on the training ground isn’t a bad way to start the working week when you look at it like that.

I also had a backseat car companion, the board from our team bus. Arriving back in the early hours of Saturday morning I took it home with me for safekeeping. I’ve had some interesting items on the back seat over the years, including the JD Welsh Premier League trophy.

I wonder if my counterpart at Manchester City has driven around with the English league trophy in the back of his car…

Always looking to get some fishing in, I had an hour after leaving the TNS office and playing a game of football myself. I headed for the Montgomery Canal and did some whip fishing.

I caught the usual small roach, a couple of small perch and a fish that had the touch of the hybrid about it. While playing it, as I couldn’t see it properly, I thought I’d hooked into a very good roach. Once in the net though, I could see it had bream in its make-up as well. Still a nice fish though.

Then it was off to play football. We have a team based on people that work in and around the football club that plays in the Monday Night League organised by The Venue. We are called Y Seintiau Newydd – The New Saints in Welsh – and we wear the kit.

Whether watching or working, I enjoy the beautiful game but I still love playing it very much indeed. I have no intention of hanging up my boots just yet and as well as enjoyment I also value the exercise and physical benefit it brings.

Not a bad Monday all round with football to start and end, with fishing in the middle. Two big chunks of football bread and albeit a thin slice of fishing in the middle, nevertheless I got a session in and that’s the important thing.

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