Enjoy The Journey, Not Just The Destination (944)

Today my car was in the garage for a service. I had a lift back after dropping it off this morning but chose to walk there this afternoon to collect it.

The journey by car takes less than ten minutes but it’s a good hour when you decide to walk.

When you do the latter, although it obviously takes longer, you actually notice things that you miss when you drive. Try it, it could be a journey you have done thousands of times by car but walk it and you take more in.

You even notice houses that you had never seen before. How can you miss a house? Easy, because when you’re passing by in a car you are not only going faster but your mind is focused on something else.

Life is like that. Sometimes we are racing through, we are so busy that we miss the detail. Slowing down means we take more in. Make sure you are focused on what’s around you.

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

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