Call It What You Want, Just Stay As Far Away From It As Possible (941)

In the Bible we read in Genesis how Abram and Lot went separate ways. It was all very amicable, as the former gave the latter the choice. We then read in Genesis 13:12 that Lot ‘pitched his tent near Sodom.’

Sodom was a place of wickedness.

A few chapters on (Genesis 19:1) we read that when the two angels (in human form) approached the city, that ‘Lot was sitting at the city gate and got up to welcome them.’

He had gone from a temporary shelter outside the city to a permanent structure inside it, as he invited them to spend the night in his home.

Call it want you want – sin, evil, wrongdoing, bad ways – just stay as far away from it as possible.

We all have weaknesses in our lives, the best thing that we can do is not only identify them but to distance ourselves from that which tempts and feeds the weakness.

Build safeguards into your life, but above all don’t pitch your tent near your own personal Sodom, because if you do before you realise it you will be the other side of the line.

Lot had made his home in Sodom, he was comfortable and at ease. He had become part of the furniture. Ultimately, it cost him dearly. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

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