Targeting Canal Perch At Dusk (931)

Although there is a definite autumnal feel to the air of late, nevertheless it is still school holiday time, so the canal boat traffic continues to be above average. That’s fine though, as an angler you just fish either dusk, dawn or during the hours of darkness itself.

A trip to the Staffs/Worcs Canal late in the day was my option, as I targeted specimen perch from a spot that has been kind to me in the past. So many of my favourite pegs have come basically because I fished them to find out. You often hear anglers say they wonder whether a particular place is any good. Don’t wonder, give it a go and find out.

I recently bought a John Wilson quiver tip rod for £20 and it was my second trip with it in three days. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank when buying fishing tackle. Second-hand purchases are an obvious way of saving money as well as keeping an eye open for genuine sales. The other items of tackle I used, as well as the rig, can be found HERE in the blog entry from a couple of days ago.

I had perch into double figures, which was good considering I was only there for an hour or so, as well as three ruffe and a bream. It was a very enjoyable session and although I didn’t catch any perch that I posed with for the camera, nevertheless by canal standards I banked some decent fish.

Then it was back home for some food and a selfie with Twinkle, my Bedlington Terrier. It is National Dog Day after all so any excuse for a selfie with her.

All the embedded photographs are from my Instagram account. That’s what I like about WordPress, you can embed social media posts. Not only do they enhance this style of blog entry but it avoids you having to write everything out again. The posts contain text.