A Great Evening On the Staffs/Worcs Canal (929)

You don’t necessarily need a lot of time to go fishing, just make the most of what you have and then get out at the right time. It’s better to spend an hour at dusk on the canal than three hours in the middle of the day with the sun shining and boats coming through every few minutes.

That was my exact philosophy as I snatched another short – but very sweet – session on the Staffs/Worcs Canal. The spot I fished (you don’t broadcast these over the internet) is one I made a note of when I was on a lure sesssion some time ago. I had one nice perch from there so decided to return and explore its potential. I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s about location and there may be 10 big perch in a section of 100 metre canal, for example, but it doesn’t mean to say that they are spread out one every 10 metres. They could all be congregated in one spot. That’s where watercraft comes in.

My rig was very simple. The line (Maxima Chameleon 4lb) is straight through, the lead is 1/3 ounce and the hooklength is created by a bead and a small shot. A worm on a Drennan Super Specialist size 8 over red maggots completed the approach.

I had lots of perch, with several of them requiring the landing net. I also caught the biggest bream I’ve ever had from the canal, it wouldn’t be out of place in a gravel pit photograph.

In addition, I had a big ruffe. Unfortunately though it swallowed the hook so by the time I dealt with that I put it straight back without thinking about a photo. I only thought as it swam off.

It was a great session, I really enjoyed it. It’s also important to push yourself as well. As I set off from home cars had already got their night lights on. It would have been easy to say to myself, give it a miss it’s too late. I didn’t and that’s why, whether in fishing or life itself, we need to keep pushing.

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