My Granddaughter, A Session On The Canal And A Close Encounter With A Tawny Owl (926)

Although nearly over now, the school holidays are great as it means my granddaughter, Nyah, stays with us a couple of nights or so each week. From the day she was born, both my wife and I have been very much involved in her life and it’s always a blessing to have her with us. Your children grow up (out two girls are adults themselves now) then you get grandchildren to take their place in that context. Excellent.

Another short angling session on the Staffs/Worcs Canal with the whip and a tub of maggots ended the day, well as far as the daylight hours were concerned anyway. A little cooler than it has been of late, there was a definite autumnal feel in the air. We are now in the back end of August and it won’t be long before we say farewell to summer proper.

I’m enjoying whip fishing and it’s taking up most of my angling time at the moment. The big positive is that you don’t need much gear and you can be fishing within a short period after arriving at the water’s edge. All important boxes to tick, especially for me in my current season of working in football, which is very demanding time-wise. Not that I’m complaining though, just saying.

I caught four species of fish this time, mostly gudgeon. The highlight though were the two ruffe that succumbed to the single maggot on the size 18 hook. Although perch are my favourite, I do enjoy catching the mini-species very much.

I stayed till it was too dark to see the float, then while still on the towpath, I heard a tawny owl calling from the far bank. It was showing very well, at the top of a conifer. Although grainy, I managed to get a shot on my iphone as well as video footage of the bird calling.

I love the natural world, especially here in the British isles, and as I often say, angling is the perfect platform from which to engage with it. On this occasion the bird flew directly overhead. I missed a trick on that one, would have made good footage.

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