Behind The Scenes At A Press Conference (927)

The images that you can see are from the in-house press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game as we chat with The New Saints’ manager, Scott Ruscoe. As you can see from the embedded video on TNS TV, the finished article is just Scott and the immediate area.

We don’t have a purpose-built room at Park Hall so we utilise the Snack Box, which is a match day food and drink facility. Some of the clubs that we play in Europe especially, have impressive press room facilities; on the other hand we may play teams domestically that wouldn’t even have this option.

It’s about making the most of what you have and working within that framework. That applies to everyone in the world of football, regardless of involvement. Whether the first-team manager, who has a wage budget to work with, or personnel behind the scenes, it’s about maximising your resources.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an ice cream freezer in the room or whatever on the wall, like we have. Once you watch the video you see none of that. It’s all about the end product.



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