Get More Angling Sessions In – Think Outside The Box (924)

In order to get as many angling sessions in as possible you have to think outside the box. One thing that means for me is fishing to and from my way to work. I pass over the Montgomery Canal (image above) on my way to The New Saints and I can be water’s edge and fishing within minutes.

This morning’s session was with a method I’ve been using a lot recently and having a lot of success with. The whip fits comfortably in the boot of my car and so if I’m going on elsewhere I don’t have to concern myself with a parked car and lots of expensive tackle on display.

I caught roach into double figures and a couple of perch, all very good as I was there for just a short time. I fish as much as I can and in order to do that I have to think outside the box. Don’t bemoan the lack of angling time, instead do something about it.

Setting the alarm an hour earlier and fishing your way to work is one way to get lots more sessions in. Even a couple a week works out at 100 plus during the course of the year that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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