Every Problem Has A Solution (920)

Although it may not seem like it at the time, every problem in life has a solution. Very often, while we may look for a complicated remedy, the answer is often a simple one.

Recently I started an Instagram account. You can link it to your Facebook account so that the posts also appear on there, making it very convenient.

However, for some reason although it appeared, it was set as private not public, meaning I had to go in manually and change every post. It’s hardly an issue in the grand scheme of life but nevertheless I wanted to sort the problem.

Not in an intense way, but over a couple of weeks or so I regularly searched the internet for a solution. I looked at settings and so on but no matter what I did, the posts still remained private on my Facebook profile, even though I could get them as public on my Facebook page.

I kept thinking to myself that there must be an answer, and in a way it became a challenge, and one that I was determined to overcome.

Then one day, reading a forum thread on this very subject, I saw that someone suggested logging out and then back in again. I did it and it worked.

I had read some very complicated suggestions that were way beyond my technological understanding, yet all the time the answer was simple. Log out and log in.

Every problem in life has a solution and more often than not, it’s a simple one.

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