Four Species On The Staffs/Worcs Canal (917)

One of the positives about being a lone angler is that you can fish where you like and when you want. I have known fishermen who fish as a pair and travel together, taking it in turns to decide where they go and how long they stay. It doesn’t always go smoothly.

Personally I prefer the freedom that I have. It also means I have total flexibility and can fit sessions in at the last minute. I also tend to fish spots for a while and then move on when I feel like it. At the moment, the Staffs/Worcs Canal at Swindon is a particular favourite.

I’m also enjoying whip fishing. It’s fun, and as long as I don’t hook into something really big, I’m having no problem landing the fish. A small bag of tackle, landing net, chair and a tub of maggots and I’m away. It’s very enjoyable.

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