You Never Know Where Life Takes You (912)

This morning was the UEFA Delegate’s meeting. As always, it was held at the stadium where the game will be played.

Representing the champions of Wales – combined with my own Welsh roots – it’s always a proud moment to see our national flag flying proud and free.

The meeting went well and we are now set for the game itself tonight.

On arrival at the stadium, I noticed a board acknowledging the victory against Manchester United back in 2016 in the UEFA Europa League.

I remember listening to the game on the radio at home. I would never have imagined that a couple of years on I would be at the stadium myself, and not only here but covering the game as well.

As the heading states, you never know where life takes you. For me, in this context it’s all about the world of football but the big picture is that in life you never know what’s around the corner.

In many ways, life is what you make it. It’s all about decisions and choosing wisely because every choice has a consequence. Generally speaking, things don’t just randomly happen.

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