Welcome To Denmark (910)

As the European footballing journey continues, we now find ourselves in Denmark, as The New Saints take on FC Midtjylland on Thursday. For now though, certainly day one, it’s all about the travelling.

It was a total of 15 hours from the time I left home to arrival at the hotel in Herning. Quite something when you consider that the flight itself was only an hour and a half.

Lots of road time plus waiting, especially at the airport. I’ve always worked on the basis it’s better to be checked in and sitting around for a couple of hours than rushing around flustered the other side, constantly watching the time.

Getting here at 2.00 a.m. there wasn’t much to see on the three hour bus journey. I’ll certainly look forward to taking in more of Denmark over the next few days though.

A good night’s sleep was followed by breakfast and then a brief walk around the town. It’s not particularly a tourist town but it’s my first visit to Denmark so it’s all very different.