Angling Is The Perfect Way To Engage With The Natural World (908)

Always looking to get out on the bank as much as possible, working from home meant that I was able to fit in a lunchtime session. With a whip, minimal tackle and a tub of maggots it was like going back to my childhood. On that front, I’ve never lost the magic of angling. It’s still very special all these years later.

I lost count of the perch that I caught, somewhere in the region of 25 I’d say, plus a few gudgeon, roach and a hybrid. All in less than two hours as well, and when you consider that the boat traffic was ongoing, that’s not bad.

I hadn’t been fishing for a few days due to the game last week in Cardiff plus other stuff as well getting in the way. I’ll never retire fully, I enjoy being active, but I will be looking to go semi-retired at some point in the future, with the opportunity to fish more one of the carrots dangling in front of me.

I have actually been semi-retired before. Having a mortgage at the age of 18, marrying and starting a family quite young, by my mid-forties I was in a position where I could take it easier.

It was only when I got involved with The New Saints that I found I was slowly getting back into more full-on work. It is football however, so it’s different to many other types of employment.

Back to the session though, as you can see from the images below I was feeding juvenile moorhens and watched a wasp trying to steal my maggots. The title of the blog entry says it all.

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