Two Beds Away From Eternity (901)

The football adventures continue with a trip to the capital. Cardiff that is, the capital of Wales. Progression in Europe has meant that Park Hall is no longer ticking the UEFA boxes so we are camped on the south coast for three days.

Our first stop was the Vale. Although I know of it, it was my first visit and it’s a very impressive facility indeed. The Wales national football and rugby teams have been based here while Cardiff Blues and Cardiff City have a permanent presence.

Then it was the city centre itself and a room on the 11th floor. I’m not keen on heights at all, so I took the bed furthest away from the window, which itself runs from ceiling to floor.

My roommate and TNS FC media team member, Sam Wood, is my buffer between life and death. All that separates him from eternity is a pane of glass. At least I’m two beds away.

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