Black Wheatear And Yellow-Legged Gull (897)

Although I was in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar for football, I still took my telescopic rod with a few basic items of tackle and my binoculars. Unfortunately though, even though the hotel was next to the sea, it was a beach and not suited to my Poachers Pocket set-up.

It would have been fine in the harbour but that was the other side of the rock and time didn’t allow. That was fine, after all fishing wasn’t the reason I was there. Any angling that I can do on these trips is always a bonus.

I did get to have a walk round with my binoculars though. My goal was to see one ‘lifer’, which is the birding term for a species that you’ve never spotted before.

Walking towards the Caleta Hotel, where the team was based, with the impressive rock on the right, I spotted a bird perched on a large stone at the base of the huge natural structure.

Training the binoculars on it before it disappeared in the dip behind, I ticked my first ever black wheatear.

With a busy trip and a shorter one than usual, my birding time was limited to that one walk. I did spot numerous yellow-legged gulls though which were everywhere. This included a resident bird on the roof just outside my hotel bedroom window.

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