School Reunion, Memories And Thoughts On Life In General (882)

With the local schools closing this weekend for the summer, combined with my own school reunion, it was certainly a time for reflection. Mostly it’s a case of where did the years go. Whoever said time flies wasn’t joking and certainly the older you get the more you become aware of the transient nature of life itself.

However, rather than get down over the years that have gone the best approach is to celebrate the past, live for the present and look forward to the future. The reality is none of us know when we will depart this planet. Live every day like it’s your last but live it responsibly just in case it isn’t.

Attending Sir Gilbert Claughton Grammar School back in the 1970s, with such a wide geographical area, once we left for the final time, for most of us there wasn’t much contact afterwards. This was before the day of Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general. We didn’t even have mobile phones back then.

However, since modern technology has burst on the scene our worlds have once again become connected. As the class of ’78 we have been meeting biannually for some years now. I’ve really enjoyed touching base, and combined with social media generally and Facebook in particular, it’s been great to be connected again.

This weekend though was a special get-together, in fact forty years since we all said our farewells to Sir Gilbert Claughton Grammar Technical School (to use its full title) and went our own way in the big, wide world.

On the way to the reunion, which was in the Lamp Tavern just yards away from the school, I stopped off at the building itself. Ceasing to be an educational establishment in 1990, after opening its doors in 1904, it was used by the local council for other purposes for a while.

Now, it’s in a sorry state, boarded up with talk of it being demolished. However, looking at the building, for me there was no sadness just great memories. Bricks and mortar will come and go but the really important things in life will always remain.

Whatever becomes of the building in the future, I don’t know. One thing is for sure though, I’ve got some great memories from the past but I’m also creating ones for the future in the present.

Never forget, today’s experience is tomorrow’s memory. Good experiences make even better memories. Here’s to the next reunion.

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