If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (880)

I enjoy my short canal sessions that I do on a regular basis. However, you can’t beat some ‘proper’ fishing and that’s exactly what a visit to Dudmaston Hall on the Kinver Freeliners ticket provided.


The bad news is that there are no day tickets as it’s members only, while the good news is that, albeit with a waiting list, you can join the club. Check out the website HERE which also has details of other venues.


Back to the session in question though, it was a perfect start as two hobby flew very close to me as I made my way to the lake. Then, with the rain bringing out the amphibians, I had to watch my steps very carefully as dozens of tiny common frogs and common toads were on the ground.


Fishing three rod lengths out on a clear bottom, I presented two SBS Baits corn-shaped poppers over real corn with a quiver tip rod. Although maggot would be my first choice all-round bait, without a doubt this is my favourite specialist bait.


The big advantage, and especially so if you’re night fishing, is that it survives the attention of small fish who will very quickly reduce a natural grain of corn to a limp skin.


I fished with a size 8 Drennan Super Specialist hook and a hooklength of 6lb Drennan Team England mono. I nipped a shot on the line so that the bait lifted just above the free offerings of corn on the deck.

I banked a few tench during the session, which is why I was there. The highlight, if you can call it that though, was taking a dip in the lake. Watch the embedded video below where all is revealed.


I still enjoyed it though, even sitting through the bulk of the session soaking wet. I said to my wife when I got home that it was like my fishing used to be before I got involved with The New Saints FC and time became an issue,

‘What’, she replied, ‘like when you used to fall in the river every week?’ at which I laughed. She knows. I did enjoy it very much though and I will be back. As they say, watch this space.


Finally, the blog heading. If you can’t beat them, join them. The fish that is.

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