A Very Pleasant Surprise On The Canal (877)

Like I’ve done so many times over the last few years, on my way to work I stopped off on the Montgomery Canal for a short session. The roach are very active, especially at this time of the year.

However, following an initial sucked maggot, it went quiet. After a few minutes I decided to reel in to see if I had a tangle as it was quite unusual to get no activity. Lifting the rod I found myself connected with a fish.

I soon realised why the roach had gone AWOL as I netted a nice eel. Yesterday I caught my first gudgeon from the canal and today it was another new species on the bank.

Any eel angler will know how smelly I was after that and rather than the usual going home and having a shower, I continued to Park Hall with a UEFA Champions League game on the evening.

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