Fish, Football, Fish (876)

The day before a UEFA Champions League game is always busy but I was determined to get some fishing in, even if just for a few minutes.

Setting my alarm earlier than I needed, I was on my way and casting out into the Montgomery Canal prior to the ultimate destination of Park Hall, the home of the champions of Wales.

I had a few roach in the half hour I fished, all on my Poachers Pocket set-up. A single red maggot on a Drennan Super specialist size 18 hook did the trick. One of the roach was so small I thought initially it was a stickleback.

By the time I finished for the day, although it was late it was still light, so I grabbed a few more minutes on the same canal. As well as roach, this time I caught a hybrid and another tiny fish, my first ever gudgeon from the canal.