Perch And Gudgeon On The Staffs/Worcs Canal (875)

With an hour free in the evening, I headed for the Staffs/Worcs Canal. Fishing with a small whip it meant I could enjoy watching a float as opposed to a rod tip.

With a single maggot on a size 18 hook and feeding loose maggots, it’s a very simple approach. It works though and that’s the important thing.

I had a few roach plucks early on that I missed. Then I caught a single gudgeon, followed by non-stop perch. They were all small but that’s fine. They’re my favourite species and all are welcome.

The first fish I ever caught was a gudgeon was from the Staffs/Worcs Canal in Staffordshire. Every time I do the same now it brings back great memories. I love my fishing and I’ve still got the same passion from when I was a child.