Not The Result We Wanted But I loved The Experience (870)

Ultimately it wasn’t the result that we wanted in the game, with the final score of 5-0 to the Macedonians it means that our UEFA Champions League campaign is all but over. In life you always believe but at the same time you have to be realistic. Making public statements that you will win 6-0 in the return game just make you look silly.

On a personal level though, although I didn’t like the result, I loved the experience. Again, there are life lessons to be drawn from that as well. Things don’t always go our way and the road isn’t always easy but enjoy it nevertheless. Rise above the bad stuff and focus on the good things.

The match, in the national stadium in the Macedonian capital of Skopje, was my 13th Champions League game with The New Saints and having done live radio commentary for all of them, it’s been a great journey to date. The ground itself is very impressive and whatever job you do, you always want to be the best that you can and work at the highest level possible.

Sitting there in the press box, towering over the pitch below, like all the other Champions League games I’ve been involved with, it felt good. Doing it with the champions of Wales, is extra special. I’m English but with Welsh roots that I am very proud of.

Finally, it was another addition to my groundhopping list, not only a new ground but a new country that I’ve watched football in.  The current state of affairs for 2018/2019 is: 12 games. 6 new grounds. Check out my pages HERE.


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