Weathering The Storms – Life Isn’t All Plain Sailing (866)

One of the things that my dad gave me before he died was the long-service watch that belonged to his own father, my grandad.

It was standard practice in those days, when someone reached the milestone of 25 years with a company, they were presented with a gold watch.

Nowadays, the job market is much more transient and whether employees or employers, not many will achieve that level of service. Even if they did, it would probably go unnoticed anyway.

Back to my grandfather though and his twenty five years, which were at Wolverhampton Die Casting.

I never spoke to him about it, I was just a boy when he passed away, but I’m sure that in the quarter of a century plus that he worked there, many days he wished he didn’t.

Thee would have been times – days, weeks even – when he considered moving on. But he didn’t, he stuck at what he was doing and saw it through.

I would say most people at some point leave work at the end of the day thinking if they never went back it wouldn’t bother them. But they do and in time they overcome the storm.

Not just work but life in general. There will be times when we feel like quitting. Sometimes we have to move on, yes, but that’s different to giving up.

When the storms come – and they will – we can either weather them or allow them to sink us. Going through a battle? Don’t give up, keep going.

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