Here, There And Everywhere (864)

Years of night fishing and unsociable hours by the water’s edge have certainly prepared me for such a time as this. No sooner had I got home and went to bed at 1.00 a.m. I was up 3 3/4 hours later and on my way to collect TNS striker Kurtis Byrne en route to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. I do get around. Here, there and everywhere you could say.

Still in the process of settling in at Park Hall, his partner Danielle and young son Noah were flying in from Dublin to join him for a few days prior to moving over permanently, once they’ve located a property to rent.

This is one of the aspects of the professional footballer’s life that many don’t see. Most people probably take it for granted that they see their family at the end of every day. For people like Kurtis at the moment, it’s a period of separation until things drop into place.

It’s not all about individuals that earn millions of pounds every year and whatever they want, they have. For the vast majority of players that make a living from the game, the reality is very different.

Yes, there are those who land big contracts that, if used wisely, can set themselves up for life. For the overwhelming majority though life is far from easy. Competition for places alone creates a brutal world in itself. You can be the flavour of the day, never mind the month, and then be on the permanent sidelines.

Yes, it is a great privilege to be a professional footballer, of course it is. As with all things though, there’s another side of the coin. In many ways, it can be a lonely experience at times.

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