Welcome To Glasgow (862)

The world of football takes me to some very interesting places and I’m currently in Glasgow for a couple of days. This time it’s a pre-season friendly with The New Saints FC but more of that in tomorrow’s blog entry. 

Due to very heavy traffic on the motorway, we only just made the train at Warrington with seconds to spare. The train itself was delayed by 15 minutes, which was a blessing in disguise as far as we were concerned, otherwise it would have passed us by.

Always see the big picture – sometimes your slight inconvenience is another person’s lifeline. There’s a sermon in there for another day. 

There hasn’t been much time this evening but after eating I took a stroll along the River Clyde. I’m only a point-and-shoot with my iPhone type of photographer, so amateur is the key word,  but I did manage to get a nice sunset image. 

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