Another Arrow In The Angling Quiver (855)

If you read my blogs regularly, certainly the angling ones, then you will be aware that in order to get lots of fishing in I use a Poachers Pocket set-up as well as a lure rod. Both enable me to get bank-side when I wouldn’t otherwise have the time, so on that front I am very thankful to have those options at my disposal.

However, I do enjoy watching a float and with the Poachers Pocket more suited to legering – especially as it’s already made up and ready to go – I wanted another way of fishing that also ticked the boxes.

A few years ago I bought a whip, with the intention of catching small fish when I was out live-baiting for perch. It was never intended as a way of fishing itself but rather a means to an end.

However, with my working life being turned upside down in the last few years, I turned to the whip this week to do some fishing on the Staffs/Worcs Canal in Swindon, Staffordshire.

There’ll be more on the tackle and tactics in future blog entries but suffice to say I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the outing that I had in the morning. With gudgeon, perch and roach on the bank, I had a lovely hour in the glorious sunshine.

Then on the evening, with my granddaughter staying over for a night, she accompanied me on a second visit, along with my wife. Although Nyah didn’t fish herself, she joined in by throwing maggots around the float.

I caught roach and chub and it was the latter that you can see in the lead image, with my granddaughter happy to pose with it for a photograph. She’s been talking about it ever since and wants to go back.

She’s even talking about night fishing. One step at a time, Nyah, one step at a time.

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