Fishing On A Tight Time Budget (840)

Just because time is tight it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t fish. You have to manage your time well though and make the most of every opportunity.

This last week or so has been incredibly busy for me personally. Up with a 6.30 a.m. alarm and getting home very late has been the norm. I’ve still managed a few short – but sweet – sessions though.

I didn’t need to change clothes or anything like that, I just fished. I do work in football gear though, which is easier than if you wear a suit and tie for example, and as you can see from one of the images, I had my Wales shirt on.

If you read my blog regularly, you know the score: Poachers Pocket set-up and in this case canal fishing on the way to work. The roach were very obliging so I was a happy camper indeed.

Then there was the work itself. Busy but blessed is how I would describe it, culminating in running a TNS FC stand at Oswestry’s Football Memorabilia Fayre in the town, with Graeme Kirkham.

With RAF Cosford’s air show also taking place the other side of the county, we were treated to a fly-past from the Red Arrows. With the fayre held at the Cambrian Heritage Railways, it was a good day all round.

Opened by Sam Ricketts, I had a nice chat with him and a selfie. Always a selfie.

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