At Manchester City With Jamie Vardy’s V9 Academy (838)

If you’re a football fan then no doubt you’re aware of Jamie Vardy’s V9 Academy, if not an internet search will reveal all. Suffice to say though that when you hear the word ‘Academy’ you usually think of youngsters but in this instance it’s for older players who are looking for a club.

The V9 Academy was launched last year and for the second season on the bounce, The New Saints were invited to play one of the three teams assembled during the week.

Held at Manchester City’s Etihad Campus, the facilities are superb. Arriving early I was able to watch the game that was being played before ours, then of course, the match featuring TNS.

As I’ve watched games on the pitch previously, I haven’t extended my list of new ticks. Nevertheless, it’s football and it’s all good.

2018/2019: 4 games. 2 new grounds.

Total: 154 grounds.

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