Perch, Roach And Ruffe On The Staffs/Worcs Canal (836)

Some canals are busier than others as far as boat traffic is concerned. I did an internet search but couldn’t find any official figures; I imagine, though, that the Staffs/Worcs Canal is up there as far as craft volume is concerned.

However, as I’ve mentioned several times in recent blog entries, as an angler, regardless of what canal we are talking about, just work around the boats. That was the case for me, and working from home, I paid both an early and late visit to the Staffs/Worcs Canal.

Both were short trips but also productive ones, which is the important thing. Timing of sessions is key at any time of the year but especially so on a busy canal during the summer months.

It’s not just boats passing through your swim and churning the bottom but also the constant water movement as locks open and close. The pull on the canal at times is like fishing a river and with debris pushing through, it becomes impossible to fish. Don’t fight a losing battle, just work around the boats.

Fishing the leger rig that has featured in recent blog entries, along with my Poachers Pocket rod and reel, a tub of red maggots completed the approach. All very simple but above all it works, and that’s the important thing.

Don’t complicate your angling. There’s a time to tinker and develop but mostly a straightforward approach works fine. Sometimes we make things difficult for ourselves.

Back to the sessions, the morning outing was slow with just small perch. The evening one was much more active though as numerous perch were accompanied by ruffe and a nice roach right at the end.

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