Family Tree Part One (832)

Although I’ve got Welsh heritage on both sides of my family, it’s my maternal line that is more recent, with my grandmother the starting point. For most of us, we grow up without really knowing anything about our relatives and their own personal histories.

I guess that will change now that we’re in the Internet era – as an active user myself, my own descendants will have plenty to go on. So, if you’re reading this in 100 years time, hello.

Back to the present though, it’s my wife who started to take an interest in family history, via a couple of friends of hers. As well as her own roots, she’s also been doing some research into mine.

I knew my nan’s name (Annie Smith) but I had no idea of who her mom and dad were, or even where she was born. In fact, although I was very close to my nan as a person, I realised just how little I knew about her past.

A little detective work though revealed that she came into this world as Annie Williamson, while the First World War was still raging, on November 2 1917. She was born in Eel Street, Oldbury, which is in the Black Country.

It was particularly the Welsh side of things I was interested in though, so having established that she was English by birth, the next step was to go a generation back.

That’s where my great-grandparents, John and Annie Williamson, who I had never heard of until now, appeared in the picture. Annie’s maiden name was Edwards and she was born in Flintshire in the last decade of the 19th century.

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