Goals Galore At Llandyrnog (829)

Although, mostly due to the harsh weather that we encountered earlier in the year, there are still games going on from 2017/2018, my personal groundhopping  2018/2019 season began last week.

Taking in my first ever visit to the Llandyrnog & District Summer League, it was more of the same this time round as I made a trip to the village that provides the league’s name. Making the most of a working day at Park Hall, the home of the Welsh champions, instead of heading east along the A5, I headed north.

What a pleasant drive it was as well. I’m not one for speed anyway, so ambling along the lanes into Denbighshire was a good way to take in the scenery, that ranged from nice to spectacular. Arriving at the village, I stopped for a selfie. Always a selfie.

There are numerous images here so you can get a feel for the ground, especially with the footage of the game itself. Like so many Welsh grounds (and this was my 39th) it has a scenic setting.

Although they had the slope in their favour, it took the home side until the final quarter of an hour of the first half before they broke the deadlock. Then, like the proverbial bus that you wait ages for and two turn up at once, they scored another a minute later.

With a third added right at the end of the first period, although they had the terrain on their side, it was certainly an uphill struggle for the visitors from Rhewl as the second half got underway. Pulling one back, I did wonder where the game would go from there.

Another two goals were added but fortunately for the home side they were both in their favour, ensuring a final score of 5-1. It was a good game with both sides playing attractive football at times.

Following on from the first match I attended, that’s thirteen goals in two games. I wonder what the next one will bring? Well, I’ll let you know in due course because another visit to the league is on the cards very shortly. As they say, watch this space.

2018/2019: 2 games. 2 new grounds.

Total: 154 grounds.

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