Surprise Barbel In A Shallow Stream (828)

With a prolonged dry spell, knowing that the rivers and streams would be low I decided to do some exploring. Choosing a day that was also very sunny, I knew that I would be able to use the time productively. I didn’t realise how profitable an exercise it would prove to be.

I visited a tiny waterway where it’s so shallow you can see the bottom. The conditions meant that, standing on a high bank I could observe everything that was going on as I walked the bank.

It wasn’t exactly fish-filled and when I spotted a few very small chub together, that looked about as good as it was going to get. Then I noticed the unmistakable shape of a barbel in the current.

I identified three in the end, one less than 2lb with the other two maybe 3-4 lb each. However, from the venue those are more than impressive. They’ve not been stocked (officially anyway), it’s not a recognised angling spot, I’ve never seen anyone fishing there and no club has angling rights, so how they’ve got there I have no idea.

I tell you what though, I’m certainly inspired to catch them (it’s on wasteland that isn’t managed, so you get the picture) and that’s exactly what I intend to do come June 16 onwards. It’s certainly captured my imagination and I can’t wait to cast a line into the secret venue.

That’s what it will remain as, of course, an undisclosed spot. It goes without saying – or at least it should – that if you come across places like this, you don’t broadcast them all over the Internet.

Is that selfish? Of course not, it’s common sense. What I would suggest though is take advantage of the conditions when they’re right and do some exploring yourself. You never know what you may find. The thing is, you’ll never find out unless you go.

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