I Caught A Shark At Tal-y-Bont (822)

As my holiday angling continues, I add another species to the list of fish caught so far during the week. Although not intended to be clickbait, nevertheless I’m sure a few people will hit the link out of curiosity.

In the minds of many, when you mention the word ‘shark’, an image of a Jaws-type great white comes to mind. Sharks come in all sizes though and one of our common sea fish, the lesser spotted dogfish, is from that family.

So although I didn’t do battle with a porbeagle off the coast of Wales, I did catch a shark. Along with bass and dab, I had a very enjoyable session and you can watch it via the video below.

The video also contains some tips on choosing your spot when beach fishing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a small pond or the ocean, watercraft is very important.

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