Jigging And A Pike On The Last Cast (804)

With a short evening window of opportunity, I decided to do some jigging for perch on a particular lake. Having done a number of sessions recently, although I’ve caught a few pike, my target species has been very elusive indeed. In fact just the one.

The venue has been frequented by cormorants throughout the winter but more about that in tomorrow’s blog entry, as it’s worth some specific comments of its own. For now though back to this session.

With no takes or plucks, I had worked my way along the bank and was having one more cast before returning to the car. On the retrieve I felt a fish strike, which as every lure angler knows, is a great feeling.

It was an above-average pike for the venue, well above to be precise. It gave me the runaround on the light lure rod but eventually I slipped the net under it and lifted it on the bank.

It was caught on a small rubber fish on a 2g jighead. The former ended up mashed and the latter bent but I banked it and that’s all that matters.

The posing photographs with the fish were taken on my iPhone. I recently bought a selfie stick from a pound shop and taped it to a bank stick. The quality of the phone camera is excellent and the improvisation is working well.

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