Ruffe Fishing And The Mini Species (803)

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re perfection in miniature but I find the mini species incredibly interesting. I like them all and in recent years have targeted them, including the ruffe. The challenge initially for ruffe is location. Although they aren’t rare as such, nevertheless they aren’t widespread.

Throw into the mix that a maggot or small worm is the best bait to fish with and you immediately have every fish in the venue as a potential on the bank. I have located a few spots though, where although I do pick up other species, I also know that I have a very good chance of a ruffe.

Fishing one such area on my local canal, I caught. They even give a distinctive bite as well and that’s important, because if you let it develop too much they will swallow the bait, and of course the hook. You should always carry a disgorged but as more of an insurance policy than something you actually want to use.

As is the norm, I legered on the canal with a 1/3 ounce lead. The bait was a single red maggot on a size 16 Drennan Super Specialist hook and I used a 2.5lb fluorocarbon hooklength. I also fed loose maggots and brown crumb to draw fish into the swim, plus keep them there.

A short morning session before the boat traffic started was enough to catch my target species. Nice fish as well, as you can see from the images they are decent specimens. If you’ve never fished for the mini species, give them a go. It’s very rewarding.

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