Bream, Gudgeon, Perch And Ruffe From The Canal (800)

Now that the days are longer I decided to have an early start on the local canal. Up bright and early, I had a couple of hours on the Staffs/Worcs, which I fish a lot. Now that the boat traffic is starting to increase, I don’t battle on through the day but instead fish very early or late.

You can see the rig in the embedded post. The components are 4lb Maxima Chameleon mainline and 2lb 6oz Ultimate Virage fluorocarbon. The lead is a 1/3 ounce Korda and instead of a swivel I used a Korum dura-bead link of which I bought a packet recently to try. Attaching the hooklength via a loop, it’s working well so far.

Within minutes of casting out I connected with – and lost due to hook-pulls – two bream. I then switched from a Drennan Super Specialist size 18 hook to a size 16. I landed every one after that. It shows that fine-tuning produces results.

I ended up with a mixed bag, as the heading suggests, with the landing net used for several of the bream and perch. I love catching Staffs/Worcs Canal gudgeon and you can read why in the last angling-related blog entry. Above all though I enjoyed catching the ruffe the most.

They’re great fish and although perch have been my favourite for a long time now, I do have more than a soft spot for ruffe. They don’t grow big – the pleasure will always be in the capture not the fight – but there’s just something about them I find so attractive.

I fished a single red maggot over maggots and brown crumb. A very simple approach but one that works. Why complicate things unless you need to? Start simple, whether bait, rigs or anything else, and then develop as and when necessary.

I really enjoyed the session, it felt like a ‘proper’ one as I had my chair and a 12′ rod. I do so many lure outings or trips with a mini- rod and reel, and although they’re great ways to get lots of angling in, nevertheless it was great to sit by the canal and do something different. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

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