Gudgeon And Perch From The Staffs/Worcs Canal (798)

With just a brief window of opportunity as far as today is concerned, I dusted off the Poachers Pocket rod and reel, which is permanently set-up and ready to go, and headed for the Staffs/Worcs Canal this morning.

My first stop was like stepping back in time as there was a match in progress along the stretch. Years ago, when planning your weekend angling you would have to check the Express & Star on a Friday evening to see what was available, as matches dominated in those pre-commercial venue days.

Getting back to the car I drove the short distance to Swindon, where it was a normal Saturday morning with just the occasional pleasure angler on the towpath. Fishing double maggot on a size 16 Drennan Super Specialist hook, I cast to a moored boat on the far bank.

I only caught small gudgeon and perch but certainly with the former it was again a journey down memory lane. My very first fish, way back when I was a child, was a gudgeon from the Bratch, near Wombourne, on the Staffs/Worcs Canal.

I travelled very light, as you can see from one of the images in the gallery of photos in the embedded Instagram post. That’s the beauty of the Poachers Pocket outfit, it certainly fits my very busy lifestyle.

Talking of which, I got home in the early hours today from TNS’ last game of the Welsh Premier League season and I’m out again shortly for the annual celebration dinner. No rest for the wicked, as they say. As long as I can get some fishing in though, however limited, I’m happy.

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