Blackbird, Sand Martins And Bats (797)

In yesterday’s entry I wrote about a male blackbird that I had encountered while out fishing, from the perspective of a life lesson. With an evening’s angling planned again this time round I once more headed to the same lake and swim.

As I got closer to the spot, out popped the bird again from the surrounding bushes. Before I could even get my gear on the ground he was round me after maggots again. I’ve never encountered such a friendly blackbird before. Robins, yes, but this is a first.

As you can see from the video he happily took maggots from the tub right by my feet. He would go to his nest, feed the young and then return for more. I’m enjoying the Dr. Doolittle experience, it’s great.

Arriving in the evening there were about twenty sand martins feeding over the lake. I see house martins, swallows and swifts on there regularly throughout the summer but the sand martins are passing through. Still great to see though, as indeed all birds are.

The arrival of dusk saw the first common pipistrelle. This was joined over the course of the evening by several more. In addition I saw one noctule and one Daubenton’s. Now that we move on in the year I’m looking forward to getting my BatBox out and spending more time with these creatures of the night.

The lake also has white-clawed crayfish although a scan of the margins with the headtorch revealed nothing. Hopefully they’ll put in an appearance as the water temperature increases.

Finally, the fishing. I’ve been after some very elusive crucian carp. It’s still early for them but I fancied a go anyway. Although I didn’t catch any I did get some slight taps (three over the two sessions) that tell me they are out there. That in itself is an encouragement. As they say, watch this space.

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